Nyrupvej 78 | 9240 Nibe | Tlf. 22 28 44 05 | info@vildtfarmnord.dk


The farm is closed

The farm is closed as of 1.January 2009 and is for sale. Contact phone number +45 22 28 44 05 for further details.

Vildtfarm Nord is the largest vildtfarm in Denmark. It occupies an area of 19 acres af beautiful nature at Nibe in North Jutland.

The Children can come in close contact to animals - we have a lot of different kinds of petting animals 

At Vildtfarm Nord you can expirience:

  • More than 400 animals
    and birds

  • 85 species from the northern hemisphere

  • Many petting animals

  • Relax and enjoyu the peaceful atmosphere and wonderful nature